Saturday, July 17, 2010

Table for Two Tonight?

A group of energetic young men and women, the Young Global Leaders, have launched the “Table for Two” initiative, simultaneously targeting hunger in the developing world and obesity in developed countries. “Every time someone eats a healthy meal at participating company cafeterias, restaurants and events, 20 cents is donated to fund a healthy school meal in developing countries,” said James Kondo, President and Vice-Chairman, Health Policy Institute in Japan, and a Young Global Leader. The aim is to spread the initiative worldwide. “The World Economic Forum is supporting this Young Global Leaders’ initiative and encouraging businesses to consider the enormous impact that even a small company or organization can make in providing school meals and improving the health of its employees by implementing “Table for Two” in its cafeteria,” said Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. “With this initiative the Young Global Leaders show that they want to engage in innovative approaches to respond to major global challenges.”

To date, pilot programs have been conducted in Japan at Family Mart; IBM Japan; Itochu; Japan Airlines; NEC; the Yokohama City Government; and at Godrej India. Donations so far from these pilots support around 40,600 school meals, equivalent to meals for around 200 students throughout the school year. Find out more at Tablefor2.