Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking Time Out To Tune In

Here’s a message from Bonnie Fatio, creator of AgeEsteem:  

As spring bursts forth does your life seem to be whizzing by too rapidly? Or do you feel like you are dragging yourself out of winter at a slow crawl?

If you are like me, at every age there are periods when you experience each of these feelings. Much depends on your health, frame of mind, and engagement in work and activities at the time. When you are interested in what you are doing, time seems to fly. The day is over without you noticing the time pass. Yet when you are bored or not well, isn’t it amazing how much more slowly time passes?

No matter which state you are in right now, why not take time out from what you are doing and thinking? Take a personal break. Tune into what really matters to you. At every stage in life you can benefit by taking a short break to change your physical setting and thought process.

Have you ever seen a child have a temper tantrum and continue screaming until someone throws a glass of cold water in his face? The child stops instantly. The shock of the cold water changes the the child’s focus from the reason for the temper tantrum to being cold and wet. 

Taking time out in order to tune in does not have to be so dramatic. I change my setting by going outside and lying in my hammock under the centennial trees or leaving my office to settle into a comfortable chair in a special corner of the living room. The change of setting enables me to tune into my inner thoughts and listen. I shut down the internal chatter and listen to the silence. I tune into what my inner self has to say. 

Some days this reveals new ideas or solutions; other days it is simply calming and meditative. It is always a nourishing experience that takes me out of my routine and gives me a gentle boost.

If my life seems to be racing uncontrollably, this time out gently slows me down and renews my spirit.  When life is dragging or difficult, it opens new resources of energy.

Take time out to tune in to your inner voice.

  • Change your setting. Find a place that is calm and relaxing.
  • Shut your eyes and relax your body.
  • Empty your mind of all thoughts. If thoughts of work or worry enter, push them aside.
  • Be silent and listen. Let your inner thoughts speak.
  • When you are ready to return to consciousness of what surrounds you, write down the messages, images or words that come to your mind. They are of result of listening.

Sometimes there may be very little to write. Other times you may have interesting revelations.

Plan to take time out regularly to tune in to your inner thoughts and bask in the wonder of what you learn.
© Bonnie Fatio

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Bonnie Fatio, founder of AgeEsteem®, is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who inspires and challenges. For more than 20 years, she has specialized in motivation and its power to influence positive change in individuals and organizations.

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