Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Woman against the Odds in Somalia

Although gunmen raided her hospital in Somalia destroying equipment and records, Dr. Hawa Abdi’s compound continues to offer a refuge to thousands. The clinic, school and feeding program she built on her property over three decades help an estimated 100,000 people find relative safety from the fighting and poverty in Somalia, not far from Mogadishu. Today Dr. Adbi’s persistence and humanitarianism has resulted in a two-story 400-bed hospital with free medical care, 3 operating theaters, 6 doctors, 43 nurses, a school with 800 students and a center for women where they learn nutrition and sewing. What’s more, Dr. Abdi’s work will continue despite her 63 years of age and an operation to remove a tumor in her brain; her two daughters will ensure the haven of healing she built continues. Read more about this amazing woman in an IHT article.