Deshun Wang is an 82-year-old actor, artist and model. His message in this video is that it’s never to late to pursue your dreams. Don’t let ageing be an excuse for laxity, demotivation or limitation. There’s always a way, so don’t give up. You’re as old as you feel. Be inspired!

What we eat influences our health. But how much we eat does too.  Studies show that fasting, or even periodically adopting a low-calorie diet that mimics the effects of fasting, may generate a wide range of health benefits. These include increased weight loss, normalizing insulin sensitivity and even slowing down the aging process. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author […]

Here’s a message from Bonnie Fatio, creator of AgeEsteem:   As spring bursts forth does your life seem to be whizzing by too rapidly? Or do you feel like you are dragging yourself out of winter at a slow crawl? If you are like me, at every age there are periods when you experience each of […]