“We are outspoken about our optimism,” say Bill and Melinda Gates in their 2018 Annual Letter. “Despite the headlines, we see a world that’s getting better,” they continue. They point out that the world is “healthier and safer than ever”, that since 1990, the number of children who die every year has been halved, largely due […]

A short few columns in the January 19-25 issue of The Economist brings good news about school reform that could help improve the education and lives of poor (and other) students. The article states that such traits as curiosity, optimism, conscientiousness and determination are indicators of success. Intelligence and learning alone don’t bring about academic achievement. And, […]

The Good Times is not in the habit of re-posting other people’s texts, but this message of hopefulness warrants all the attention it can get. It’s a blog post written by John Yemma, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor. Click here for the entire text. This is the last paragraph: “Here are some reasons for hope: […]

There are many proponents of the power of positive thinking. One of them, Antonia Hall, who is a writer, artist and communications professional, suggests in an article for Ode magazine that negative thought patterns in our everyday lives can affect us in unproductive and harmful ways. For better self-esteem and health, it’s quite simple to “change one’s thinking from […]