As Bill Clinton said, “It’s quite extraordinary, really; you kick a ball and turn on a light.” This is all about a ball of energy, a soccer ball of energy. The two entrepreneurial American women, Julia Silverman and Jessica Matthews, who had the idea, thought to “put a mechanism inside the ball that harnesses the kinetic energy […]

Everyone knows the power that football, also known as soccer, has on the world. Played in over 200 countries and watched by millions upon millions of fans, it’s considered the world’s most popular sport, according to Encyclopædia Britannica and leading experts on the subject. Harnessing this power, streetfootballworld is a global network of almost 100 organizations that use […]

More good news came out of Africa on Sunday, with South African President Zuma saying that the upcoming World Cup hosted by his country is uniting South Africa. Zuma spoke in a press conference on Sunday, five days before the tournament opens, and said “The enthusiasm, joy and excitement that has engulfed the entire nation […]