“Out of adversity comes empathy”. Out of empathy came the idea and implementation in Japan of an initiative to assist young people who survived the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that struck the country in March of 2011. That initiative is BEYOND Tomorrow. Begun in June 2011 just after the disaster, this scholarship and leadership programme is […]

Business Wire India issued this press release on 22 January about what young people are doing to shape a better future: “The Coca-Cola Company today announced the 2015 winners of the Coca-Cola Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge – a competition exclusively for members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community. Global Shapers are young leaders between 20 […]

What is Pacer Center? It’s a place that provides assistance to children with disabilities and to their parents. Concretely, Pacer Center offers workshops on mental health and emotional or behavioral needs, for instance, and assistance through such programs as the American Indian Project, geared to parents of Native Americans with children at risk of developing disorders. […]

A few days ago The Good Times reported on an initiative called “Creative for Good“. It deserves a lot of attention — not least because their media outreach in their own words are “imagined, communicated and delivered in ways that move individuals, communities and whole societies to change the way they think and act” for the betterment of […]

Truly amazing: hens helping to teach basic agricultural management and entrepreneurial skills, thereby addressing hunger, unemployment and the lack of education and business skills. Here’s how. The Innovation Empowerment Programme and its chief project, One Hen Campaign, was founded in 2009 by 4 Kenyan students from the University of Nairobi who were inspired by their studies […]

This is the story of an amateur boxer turned social anthropologist who decided to do something about the violence affecting street children in Brazil’s favelas. An impossible task? Luke Dowdney’s passion for boxing allows him to reach even hard-core young drug traffickers on Brazil’s streets. How is it possibly, you may ask, for anyone to […]

Rita Pierson is an educator in Houston, Texas. She believes strongly in the power she and other teachers have to influence children and young people. Her impact is illustrated in a story she tells about a boy’s reaction after doing poorly on a quiz. The student missed 18 out of 20 questions, but Pierson graded the test a +2 and drew […]

Everyone knows the power that football, also known as soccer, has on the world. Played in over 200 countries and watched by millions upon millions of fans, it’s considered the world’s most popular sport, according to Encyclopædia Britannica and leading experts on the subject. Harnessing this power, streetfootballworld is a global network of almost 100 organizations that use […]

Regina Yau, Founder and President of The Pixel Project, a “complete virtual, volunteer-led global nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women” recently wrote that her charity uses “positive images, ideas and strategies to power our campaigns and empower survivors and supporters to take action. […]

Shouryya Ray is a 16-year-old boy from Calcutta who is now in high school in Dresden, Germany, and who has been interested in mathematics since the age of 6. He appears recently to have solved a problem related to the projection of objects, a puzzle that existed since Sir Isaac Newton published his Principia Mathematica in 1687. […]