It’s a terrible subject, so let’s examine how we can help fight gendercide. According to the “It’s a Girl” website and documentary, 200 million girls in India and China are missing. Each of us can do our part to publicize this phenomenon in order to eradicate it, although it will take time.

Together let’s:

Tell world leaders to end the female gendercide in India

Sign the petition against female gendercide in China

Help keep a girl alive in India by donating as little as $10

Help mothers and daughters at risk in China by donating as little as $10

Tell everyone you know about gendercide. The more people know about this phenomenon, the more something can be done about it. Use the power of Facebook, Twitter and email to tell your friends, family and the world that gendercide is real, is happening right now and can be stopped.


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