Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Table for Two?

What if we could transfer the excess calories on many of our plates in the developed world to those who need calories in the developing world. TFT, short for Table For Two, does just that. It aims to “shift the global food imbalance by ‘transferring excess calories’ from the developed to the developing world, working to confront obesity and malnutrition.”

You can do that, too. How? Find the restaurant or cafeteria nearest you that serves TFT options and enjoy a healthy meal there.

TFT partners with hundreds of company cafeterias, dining halls, restaurants and even convenience stores around the world to serve balanced, slightly low-calorie meals. These partners then transfer 25 cents per meal, the equivalent value of the reduced calories, to TFT and its Millennium Villages Project. The Project then serves meals to about 40,000 school kids in rural villages in Sub-Saharan Africa. The children who have received these free and balanced lunches have shown better retention rates in class and attend school more often. Since 2007 when Table For Two was founded, over 40 million meals have been served as TFT expands worldwide, to the USA, Myanmar, China and elsewhere.

With this transfer of calories, TFT essentially tackles the food and nutrition imbalance in the world, taking from those who suffer from overnutrition and giving to those who are undernourished. The results are better health for everyone.

So find TFT’s partner food establishments in such places as Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, India, Taiwan, Canada, the US, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Norway, France or Switzerland, and bon appetit!