Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creative for Good

Here’s an important idea that aims to encourage equality, justice, and dignity globally.

“Creative for Good” is an initiative that uses media campaigns to promote social causes, for instance to stop violence against women in India. That campaign, just one example, is called Ring the Bell  (“Bell Bajao”). It proposes one simple action: ringing a doorbell. What can ringing a doorbell do against domestic violence? This is how it works: men and boys in India are called on to ring the bell of the home nearby where a loud and violent argument is going on, to interrupt it. The idea comes from the non-profit international human rights organization, Breakthrough, who broadcast an ad campaign on TV, radio, in the press, on the Internet and via video vans in India to prompt action and behavior change in the fight to end violence against women. Bell Bajao says it has reached over 130 million people, trained over 75,000 rights leaders, and changed public attitudes towards violence.

For more information and to join this multimedia campaign whose goal is “to get one million men to make one million promises to ACT to end violence against women” by 8 March, click on this link: Bell Bajao.

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