One of the consequences of the AIDS pandemic is the estimated 15 million or more children worldwide under the age of 18 who have been orphaned as a result of the disease. In response to this huge problem, in 2000 Dr. Sunette Pienaar Steyn founded Heartbeat. Heartbeat is a non-profit organization whose stated missions is: “To empower orphaned and vulnerable children to reach their full potential through quality service provision, development and capacity building.” This translates into helping children access water, electricity, housing, schooling and government grants. Since its inception, Heartbeat has cared directly or indirectly for 54,000 orphans and vulnerable children.
Consider making an in-kind donation to Heartbeat in the form of new or used clothing or household goods, toiletries and candy, as well as school supplies as it’s back-to-school time. Contact Heartbeat’s Karina Swann at regarding in-kind contributions.

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