Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspired by an Example

Nick Vujicic is an inspiration. He is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit faith-based organization. He also has Attitude Is Altitude, an organization that “aims to help people meet life’s challenges with purpose, perspective, principles and perseverance.” Plus he’s a motivational speaker, evangelist, author, music and video producer and director, and an entrepreneur.

“Everyone has a story,” Nick said recently during one of his many speaking engagements. His is that he was born without arms or legs, but has decided to make the best of it, and inspire by example. “Make every day count,” he adds. “What if you only had one day left to live. You would set your priorities. Mine are: 1) Make sure your family knows you love them; 2) Phone someone you’ve been meaning to call to say ‘thank you’; 3) Tell someone you love them.” One of his inspirational messages is: “Even when you’re at your lowest, you can still give — you can give hope to someone else. You can always give.”

Today Nick’s mission as he travels the world is “to motivate people from all walks of life in every circumstance; to gain perspective; to find their purpose; to live the big dream.” As stated on his website: “Nick Vujicic’s life demonstrates that all things are possible.”