It’s time to go beyond good intentions.

This is the story of Tori Hogan. Tori started “Beyond Good Intentions“, which she describes as “an organization committed to uncovering more innovative and effective approaches to international aid worldwide. Through our film series and educational programs we are working to catalyze a much-needed dialogue about aid effectiveness in hopes of transforming the current system.”

Tori decided to travel around the world to uncover how to make international aid more effective. As a result, her films describe the ways industrious individuals and innovative approaches are helping communities in need.

As a movement, Beyond Good Intentions “aims to be more than just a film series. We want to start a movement towards change. Explore the many ways that you can be part of this pioneering movement to transform the field of international aid by watching and sharing the films and joining the dialogue.” To join the movement, click here.

This short film is the first in the Beyond Good Intentions 10-part series. In it Tori describes what Fusion International has achieved in Colombia by helping local people implement local strategies.