In case you missed it, in “Boast, build and sell” (International Herald Tribune, 24 September 2010), Nicholas D. Kristof offers three suggestions to improve humanitarian assistance in fighting poverty:
1. Spread the good news: the fight against poverty currently saves the lives of approximately 32,000 children daily (around 22,0o0 children die per day at present against 54,000 per day in 1960)
2. Promote economic growth over charity
3. Market antipoverty work better

As Mr. Kristof likes to remind us: “We should note that schools have a better record of fighting terrorism than missiles do and wobbly governments can be buttressed not just with helicopter gunships but also with school lunch programs (at 25 cents per kid per day).”
So let’s emphasize the positive and recall that today’s fight again poverty is “where the success is.”

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