Conscious of the fact that having legal rights to land is a foundation for prosperity and opportunity, Landesa Rural Development Institute forms partnerships with governments and local organizations to ensure that the world’s poorest families have secure rights over the land they till.  Founded as the Rural Development Institute in 1967, Landesa has helped more than 100 million poor families gain legal control over their land. With secure land rights, these families can eat better, earn more, educate their children, practise conservation, and achieve dignity for generations.

Landesa Center For Women’s Land Rights 

An initiative of Landesa, the Center for Women’s Land Rights champions the potential of women and girls to transform their communities.  With secure rights to land, women and girls can improve food security, education, health, and economic development for themselves and their families.

Help Landesa because, as the Institute points out, “You have a critical role to play in the global movement to eliminate hunger and poverty through improved land rights.Click here to get involved in a very practical way.

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