You can make a difference in a child’s life in rural Burkina Faso. Your 20 Swiss francs (about $21) will buy health insurance for a child for one whole year. Just 30 Swiss francs ($31.50) will buy four study books for the students at Rambo high school.

Help Swiss association Kaïcedra provide essential gifts for its projects in Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in West Africa with more than 17 million people. BurkinaFaso

These gifts are essential because they provide enormous benefits. For instance, 15 Swiss francs ($15.75) helps finance the treatment of wounds, which affect many children and their family members. Ringworm (tinea) is one example, the itchy, contagious skin disease affecting mainly the scalp or feet that appears in small patches and is caused by fungi. Perhaps you’ve experienced one form: Athlete’s foot.

The treatment of wounds is easy elsewhere but can be a real problem in the bush if not administered quickly. Injuries come from working in the fields, slips, falls and snake bites, among others.

Photo by Kaïcedra
Photo by Kaïcedra

 Another gift you can give is a goat, sheep or pig. For a family, raising an animal provides good revenue. For 70 Swiss francs ($73.50) you can buy an animal for a family in need.

For more gift ideas, check out Kaïcedra’s website here. You can make a difference.


Kaïcedra supports education and health community projects in Burkina Faso. It also sponsors children in kindergarten so they can enter primary school and young girls so they can continue their education.