Sunday, June 26, 2011

Story Telling for a Cause

Tim Fitzhigham is a “multi-award winning comedian, explorer, quadruple world record holder, historian, archaeologist and author.” According to a short biography from Tim himself, he is also “a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Freeman of the City of London. Knighted by a foreign monarchy, he has entertained audiences world-wide with his fascinating, hilarious, moving tales of dreamy impacticalness – navigating the Channel in a Thomas Crapper bathtub, rowing a paper boat up the River Thames from source to Tower Bridge [160 miles],  running across deserts in armour, playing hopscotch up active volcanoes, or long distance Morris Dancing” [an English folk dance].

Tim is indeed extremely entertaining, and he has charisma enough for two. But he is also an incredible story teller, who uses story telling to raise awareness for environmental issues, among others. He believes that because stories convey emotions and make people feel, they can persuade listeners and even draw people towards a particular opinion better than facts can.

Tim’s website is full of information on this unique and multi-faceted character.