This story begins in December 2009 under the “village tree” of Gorin, in northern Burkina Faso. The “ancients” and the women welcomed members of Kaicedra to their town and asked their help in providing an adequate learning environment for their children. With their meager means, the community had built a temporary shelter that was bound to be destroyed in the next rainy season (which it was).

Back from their trip, the Kaicedra team chose to make the Gorin classroom their main project for the year. The budgeted 19,000 Swiss francs were raised in the first half of the year and construction began in June 2010. Just a couple of weeks ago, on October 1st (official back-t0-school day in Burkina Faso), children from the village of Gorin had their first lesson in their new classroom.

Kaicedra supports education and health community projects in Burkina Faso. It also sponsors children in kindergarten so they can enter primary school and young girls so they can continue their education. (

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