With a view to providing positive role models for children in the Islamic world, Naif Al Mutawa created the Teshkeel Media Group and THE 99, comic book heroes working together to improve the world. The idea behind these children’s adventures is to “tell universally relevant stories” that promote “diversity, multiculturalism, personal responsibility and personal accountability”, as quoted in Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs 2011. THE 99 comics have so far been translated into 8 languages, with editions in Bangladesh, France, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Teshkeel Media Group states that by “Drawing upon our own history, culture and traditions, we aim to provide positive and inspirational images for children by creating properties that they can relate to.” It’s also good to remind the world that Islam’s global values are shared by most humans everywhere, including honesty, peace, knowledge and tolerance.

For more on this useful initiative, here is the TED video with Naif Al Mutawa:

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