Sunday, November 17, 2013

“The Brighter Side of Mankind”

Want to be part of the brighter side of mankind? Want to help those who are committed to supporting humanitarian and other selfless endeavors? You can, in one easy step.

Financial news may not be of interest to everyone, but Fengarion is making a difference to those who want to support a cause financially. It makes humanitarian aid and contributions to non-profit organizations easier. Itself a non-profit association, Fengarion was created to develop and manage a website,, which interfaces between donors and non-profit organizations whose objectives match those written into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For example, you know of a project that is raising money to buy desks and chairs for a school in Burkina Faso. You wish to support the project but want to make sure that your small contribution makes a difference by going directly to the source. That’s possible. Join Fengarion and contribute directly on Fengarion’s website whatever you wish, for instance $50, to the particular cause you wish to help. When you donate to a specific project, you’ll get feedback directly from the project about where your money is going. And Fengarion doesn’t take a commission – everything goes directly to the project.

So all you donors out there who wish to support particular efforts, sign up on the Fengarion website and make direct contributions that will go straight to the cause, involving you personally. Those of you who lead projects that champion humanitarian relief, sustainable development, education, social entrepreneurship, human rights or other non-profit efforts, join Fengarion to get new supporters and donations.

As stated on their website, Fengarion helps encourage “the brighter side of mankind”.