Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Value of Volunteering

Globalteer is an “organisation independent of government, politics and religion with the objective to help projects and communities around the world.” It is a non-profit charity that aims to help those in need.
According to Globalteer’s website, the organization’s mission includes: 

• Support – To provide support to communities and projects in need.
• Awareness – To raise awareness in developed countries of the plight faced by poverty stricken countries.
• Education – Educate locals and volunteers about environmental issues and the need to protect wildlife.

Currently the charity has projects to help children in Cusco, Peru; Medellin, Colombia; and Siem Reap, Cambodia, as well as wildlife and conservation ventures in Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Globalteer says: “We send volunteers to schools to provide free education to children who are unable to pay fees to go to local schools. We work closely with centres that care for children providing support and funding to allow a safe and comfortable environment in the most important and vulnerable time in their lives. In developing countries the poorest people are often overlooked as there is little governmental funding available to provide support. We work with projects that help the most vulnerable children and communities. By providing an education and vocational training to children we give them an opportunity to break the relentless cycle of poverty and support their own families by becoming a useful and productive member of their society.”

Want to help? Make a donation or volunteer!