Now here’s a creative solution: hiring people with autism to perform certain data management and other detail-oriented jobs. Why? Certain individuals with this developmental disorder are particularly well-suited for such tasks, often excelling at them. Their remarkable attributes and skills can include an outstanding memory or eye for detail, a structured way of working, thinking out of the box and performing repetitive tasks with untiring willingness.

Although global figures are not precise, evidence suggests that 1% of the world’s population is affected by autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD). So how would you go about recruiting members of this large yet underleveraged talent pool? By contacting the specialists, Specialisterne.

Specialisterne (which means “the Specialists” in Danish) is a leader in enabling high-functioning people with autism to be effectively included in society and provide valuable, high-quality services to their employers. Originally founded in Denmark, Specialisterne has operations worldwide, including offices in Austria, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Specialisterne reports that people with autism often have character traits that prevent them from getting jobs. But according to the company’s website, “at Specialisterne, not fitting in is a good thing. The traits that usually exclude people with autism from the labour market are the very traits that make them valuable employees at Specialisterne, such as attention to detail, zero tolerance for errors and a persistence to get the job done. We don’t see them as people with an autism diagnosis; rather, we see them as true specialists”.

You can help Specialisterne reach its goal of creating 1 million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges, and at the same time enhance your own workforce. The company will share its management model with companies wishing to hire and manage specialist people. To know more, visit the Specialisterne website: