Primatologist Biruté Galdikas‘ efforts show how one person can make a difference. A world expert on orangutans, Dr. Galdikas and colleagues established Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) in 1986. According toOFI’s website, “As a result of poaching and habitat destruction, viable orangutan populations are on the edge of extinction and could be gone within the next 10 years. Understanding is the first step to action. As President of OFI, Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas has studied orangutans longer than any other person in human history and has worked ceaselessly to save orangutans and forests, and to bring orangutans and their plight to the attention of the world.”

The Good Times first heard about Dr. Galdikas and the OFI from journalist Jake Stevens, who wrote an article for Vanguard on a novel fundraising event to help raise money for endangered orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra.

You too can help protect these animals from extinction by, for example, donating to OFI, fostering an orphan orangutan, volunteering some of your time to OFI, or shopping online at the OFI store. Find out more on how to contribute to this effort from the “Get Involved” page of OFI’s website.