Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Good News from Pakistan

Edhi Foundation, a reputable non-profit NGO, has been providing social services in Pakistan since 1951, including direct humanitarian assistance. The Foundation is currently delivering basic items of food, water and essentials (blankets, soap, mosquito nets) to the country’s flood affected areas. Its typical aid includes sheltering abandoned babies, providing homes for the destitute or mentally ill and safe houses for abused women, offering food, medicine, clothing and other supplies to the needy at Edhi’s 300 service centers, administering first aid to accident victims, and maintaining a fleet of ambulances that transports over one million people per year to hospitals, among other services. Edhi also collects blood from volunteer donors which it then gives free of charge to hospitals for heart surgery and other major operations for the poor. In addition to all of this, the Edhi Foundation provides services to refugees from Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Burma, Nepal and Uganda, among other countries.

As the Foundation’s work is geared towards the masses, donations from religious organizations, governments or relief agencies are not accepted. Instead, it operates on donations from individuals and businesses, and in-kind contributions. Consider a donation through one of Edhi Foundation’s offices or contact the NGO at

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