At the beginning of May, Swiss athlete Ernst Bromeis attempted to become the first person to swim the 1,230-kilometers of the Rhine river, from its source in Tomasee, Switzerland, through 6 countries, to its mouth in Holland. The idea to swim an average of 50 kms per day for one month through strong currents, rapids and swirls, in ice-cold waters is amazing in itself, even if this adventure ended early, just a few days ago, due to particularly cold weather conditions that took a toll on him physically. 

Despite not reaching his goal, Bromeis’s success lies not in swimming almost 400 kms before renouncing the challenge, but in the awareness he has brought to his project, The Blue Wonder, which calls attention to water-scarcity issues.

“The Blue Wonder – Rhine 2012” is a joint project between Bromeis and Switzerland Tourism to promote the Alpine region as a Swiss land of water and to disseminate the message that “water is a limited resource that we have to take care of.”

No doubt this water ambassador will make the news again before long, reminding us not to waste water and of the importance of this invaluable asset.

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