Friday, July 24, 2015

Happiness: Food for Thought

ShawnAchorIn his book, Before Happiness, Shawn Achor, writes about “actionable strategies to create a positive path to success”. Here are some tidbits:

– “You can summon all your cognitive, intellectual, and emotional resources to create positive change, because you believe that true change is possible.”

– “The better your brain is at using its energy to focus on the positives, the greater your chances at success.”

– “By simply changing which facts you choose to focus on, you can significantly improve your response to stress at work and decrease your fatigue symptoms by a stunning 23 percent in one week.”

– “Stress and adversity have in some cases been shown to facilitate the acquisition of mental toughness, deeper social bonds, strengthened priorities, and a sense of meaning, a phenomenon called post-traumatic growth.” 

– “If you can open your eyes to more positive details, you will have not only high positive genius but also the greatest possible buffer against down times.”

– “Doing something for someone else raises our levels of hope, joy, and happiness—and, in turn, our success rates.”

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