Wanda Landowska (1879-1959) was a Polish musician who restored the popularity of the harpsichord in the early 20th century. As a child in Poland, Wanda excelled at the piano, which she studied at the Warsaw Conservatory. She also studied composition in Berlin and later taught in Paris.

In 1925 Wanda Landowska set up the École de Musique Ancienne near Paris. Her home outside the city became a center for the performance and study of ancient music. But of Jewish origin, Wanda was forced to leave France during World War II, escaping to New York in 1941. She later moved to Connecticut and re-established herself as a performer and teacher in the USA, touring extensively. An important person in Wanda Landowska’s life, Denise Restout was editor and translator of her writings on music,which include Musique ancienne and Landowska on Music.

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