Saturday, December 17, 2016

“A Symbol of Inspiration and Hope”

albatrossA large seabird is causing quite a flutter of excitement. She is around 65 years old and just gave birth to her 40th chick. That feat has scientists calling this bird “an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope”; most Laysan Albatrosses live a maximum of 40 years and are thought to be infertile later in life. So this particular one is beating all the odds. 

Scientists know that Wisdom, as this Albatross is called, is approximately 65 years of age because they have been following her since she was tagged in 1956 when she was estimated to be five years old. Since then, she has had 40 chicks and has flown over 3 million miles. albatross1

Laysan Albatrosses are monogamous birds. They lay only a maximum of one egg per year. Scientists are studying the phenomenon to understand why this bird is so exceptional.