The initiative aims to empower “the Bottom Billion” through the development, implementation and promotion of education and health-focused mobile applications.

Here in AppBridge’s own words is an overview of the initiative: “Through collaboration and in partnership with others, we are developing an open source, cloud-based digital platform designed to connect talented mobile application developers with formal and informal education and health content providers, and co-create a powerful distribution channel to bridge the digital divide and educate young people in the bottom billion through their cellular phones. Each educational app will be submitted to The AppBridge platform, vetted, distributed to partner Telecom Operators and promoted in ‘The AppBridge Zone’, where it will be available to end-users. The AppBridge platform will track the download activity and usage of each distributed app, enabling ‘real time’ feedback and allowing for a dynamic, evolving virtual educational experience for users.

“With an estimated 3.8 billion mobile subscribers in the developing world, there is enormous opportunity to provide formal and informal educational tools to individuals who do not otherwise have access to basic math, literacy, and health information. The AppBridge is committed to co-creating an important ‘blueprint’ for how digital and information based solutions can be launched in a frictionless way in critical environments. This is a non-profit social enterprise.”

Intended to distribute educational apps for young adults with limited access to education, this is definitely an idea to follow!