Sunday, July 3, 2011

Belu Water = Clean Water

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2002, the mission of bottled water company Belu is: “With the Earth running out of many of its natural resources, the great challenge of our generation is to create a sustainable balance between the needs of people and the resources of the planet. Belu Water was launched as a social enterprise to demonstrate the potential for businesses to take a leading role in developing such a sustainable future.

Belu has done this by creating the UK’s most eco-friendly brand of bottled water and thereby setting a new benchmark for the performance of the entire drinks industry.

Belu’s environmental and charitable efforts include:
– Creating the world’s first carbon neutral bottled water
– Using caps that are “PVC free,” for safety we want to avoid phthalates getting into our water
– Committing all our profits to clean water projects through The Belu Foundation (Registered Charity: 1136687)
– Choosing not to import or export our water, this way we further reduce our environmental impact
– Developing a 500ml bottle made from 50% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable, a new UK first !”
Indeed, Belu uses “bio-bottles” made from corn, which look like ordinary plastic bottles but are compostable. What’s more, the company minimizes its environmental footprint by using clean electricity and locally sourced water, reducing waste and promoting PVC-free packaging. A non-profit organization, Belu donates every penny of its profits to fund clean water projects. For instance, it built a 12-meter long waste collector that removes one tonne of waste from the River Thames each week.
According to Belu, every bottle of Belu bought in the UK provides clean water for one person for one month.