Daria Lopez-Alegria is an astrophysicist with a passion for stimulating dialogue about science and its impact on society. She is an entrepreneur and policy strategist whose out-of-the-box thinking associated with her work building connections among various global communities—scientists, academics, business executives and civic leaders—has spread the word, and helped the corporate and public worlds reach a common understanding of the tangled issues of technology innovation, sustainability and prosperity.
Daria LopezDaria is the founder of the S3 Initiative (space, science, society), a series of “learning exchanges” built to advance knowledge by demystifying science and turning new perspectives into opportunities by building connections and shared experience among the people who make policy, development and investment decisions that take into account the long-term benefit of society.

Through her S3 communiqués, called “Scientifically Yours”, Daria puts science on everyone’s doorstep. “Science impacts us every day, everywhere—yet a poverty of understanding or a fear of complexity holds us back. Are we fully informed when we cast our referendum votes to authorize use of new energy technologies or approve economic development with environmental impact? Can we converse about the intersection of science and faith? Or help a child understand what ‘carbon footprint’ means?” she asks.

Through the S3 Initiative and her consultancies, Space Bridges and Science Bridges, Daria inspires passion for discovery. She shares the joy of science, highlighting festivals, fairs, exhibits, conferences and lectures worldwide so more people can experience science and space first hand, and also organizes and produces some special events to that end. Through all of these she “builds the case for investing in science education to train our children and future generations in the rigorous and creative processes of exploration,” she says.

This once local, now international community aims to expand the exchange by sharing even more information and making ever-more connections worldwide. Daria believes wholeheartedly that: “By creating opportunities for exchange, we can expand perspective and create passion for the value of science.”