CinePop is a business venture that brings family entertainment, services and products to underserved communities while engaging the business sector and local government. The organization sets up open-air movie theaters in Mexico using large, inflatable film screens, projecting general-audience films dubbed into Spanish, free of charge. The multitude of movies include Peter Pan, Zorro, Aladdin, A Farewell to Arms, Chicken Little, Hannah and Her Sisters, Mary Poppins, etc. Businesses sponsor projections and provide products and services to the movie-goers. Brands can sample their products, offer promotions, sell and advertise their goods while the attendants not only enjoy a popular cultural event and movies but get access to shoes, toiletries, food, medicine, telecommunications, clothing, banking services and other commodities.
CinePop is just one example of the power and success of joint enterprise and innovative partnerships as it brings together the entertainment industry and the public and private sectors in social investing efforts that profit all.