LifeGate puts the environment at the center of doing business. One of its projects, Impatto Zero (Zero Impact), which lowers carbon emissions through reforestation, has created over 20 million square meters of new forests since the Italian company was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Marco Roveda. Another LifeGate activity is LifeGate Engineering, which advises residences, businesses and public services on renewable energy systems, while LifeGate Renewable Energy distributes the clean energy. Another business, LifeGate Ecojeans, makes organic cotton jeans.

LifeGate founder and president Marco Roveda started and then sold two companies at a young age, bringing him wealth, but he soon realized he was less interested in making money than in promoting quality-of-life principles and non-materialistic values. Thus he created LifeGate, which “offers a unique model for a new economy, where business has a conscience and people are aware of their actions, and how they affect others and the environment.” LifeGate’s website includes thousands of articles on health, the environment, natural foods, electric cars and a myriad of other subjects endorsing social and environmental awareness, and challenging readers to think about how their actions and acquisitions impact others and the planet.

From Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs 2010, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship