In April of 2010, The Good Times reported that mountain guides and directors of MatterhornNepal-GuideSource Treks & Expeditions Ltd (MNGS), RJ Fleming and Ang Kami Sherpa, were climbing Himalayan peaks to raise awareness of the plight of Nepalese orphans. Their goal was to expose the fact that one out of every 25 people in Nepal is an orphan, with no access to an education, and to encourage individuals and organizations to contribute to the Education for Orphans of Nepal (EON) charity. The two partners began supporting orphans in 2001, funding the living and educational boarding school costs of orphans from their company profits. Then, in 2010, with the patronage of Prof. Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, they registered this effort as a legal charity and expanded the reach of EON, to allow anyone to contribute to the cause and hopefully support more needy children.

 Since that time the EON Charity has grown to fully support 12 children. It is now a Nepalese charity with a Board of Directors and a simple, fully transparent operation guaranteeing all contributions go directly to fund the education of orphan children. This month, May of 2012, the new EON website went online, offering information that will reach more people and organizations interested in helping these Nepalese children help themselves.

The Best News of All

Dali Sherpa

The investment of money, effort and support of everyone involved with the EON Charity has rendered wonderful news. Miss Dali Sherpa recently completed her studies, graduated with her Nepal SLC educational certificate and was hired as a school teacher by the Edmund Hillary School in the village of Sano Gumela. She is the first orphan child to complete her education, supported by the EON Charity for the past eight years. 

Due to the quality of her education and dedication to her studies, she has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher. It is also a dream-come-true for the MNGS Directors and all who have contributed to the EON children. It is inspirational for the other EON children who lived and studied alongside Dali, and watched their friend leave a life of little hope to become a young adult living a life of personal reward and responsibility. Additionally, Dali chose the path of teaching, a career that will enhance other children’s lives and benefit Nepalese society as a whole.

The EON children wish to thank their Patrons and Supporters for the continued belief in them and the EON Charity. Their generosity and commitment to the EON mission has helped immeasurably and exemplifies social responsibility. We are proud they share in the recognition that a child’s education determines their future.