Monday, March 28, 2011

Do Something!

DoSomething calls itself the “largest org in the US for teens and social change.” The organization further describes itself as: “A driving force in creating a culture of volunteerism, is on track to activate two million young people in 2011. By leveraging the web, television, mobile, and pop culture, inspires, empowers and celebrates a generation of doers: teenagers who recognize the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action.” Indeed, DoSomething’s causes include helping with disaster response and relief, addressing and finding solutions to teen violence and bullying, bringing attention to human trafficking and child labor among other international human rights issues, and offering information and action ideas on animal welfare.

One project being highlighted currently is “Rainbow Caps.” Eleven-year-old Mahima Aggarwal is making crochet caps for kids with cancer in India. Contact her at, send her yarn and hooks, or help her make the caps.

Another project is the “Battle for the Bands.” This campaign aims to promote music education. Then there’s an effort to provide jeans to homeless youths.

So if you have a cause that needs funding, if you want to start a club, if you want to contribute to a cause, then do so with DoSomething!

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