Saturday, May 3, 2014

Good News from Kaïcedra

Kaïcedra is doing concrete things to support sustainable community initiatives in Burkina Faso. The Good Times reported back in October 2010 on the new primary-school building the Swiss not-for-profit association built in the village of Gorin in northern Burkina Faso.

My school is my future

The Members of Kaïcedra have understood that learning requires more than a safe learning environment, books, school supplies and teachers. These are essential but so are a full stomach, means to get to school and healthy students. So Kaïcedra is providing daily meals for the students, and promoting and helping their partner “Bicycles for Africa” provide bikes for the village so the girls and boys don’t have to walk miles to get to school. It is also assisting the local health insurance scheme by paying the salaries of three caregivers and the maintenance costs of the motorcycle used to reach the children in the 17 villages of the area. The health insurance costs less than $12 per year per affiliate and covers three health treatments.

In addition to continuing the work already begun, Kaïcedra’s aims in 2014 include building two more classrooms to the school in Gorin plus accommodation for three teachers. It also intends to help the kindergarten in Irim in northern Burkina Faso prepare its 80 pre-school children for primary school.

You can help Kaïcedra by sponsoring a child’s education. Sponsorship is applied first and foremost to orphans and children in families that live below the poverty line, and to girls who wish to continue their education at the secondary-school level.

Your sponsorship allows you to follow one particular child throughout his/her primary or secondary schooling. The yearly sponsorship fee pays for:

– your membership in the association

– your sponsored child’s school fees and supplies; clothing and shoes; a balanced meal everyday (for the child you sponsor plus for two non-sponsored children); the health insurance premium for affiliation to the Mutual Health Insurance.

All this for $275 (for sponsorship at the primary-school level) or $390 (for sponsorship at the secondary-school level). Otherwise, simple membership in the association costs less than $70 per year.

For more information go to Kaïcedra’s Facebook page.

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