Giving Women is a non-profit association based in Geneva. Its members support selected projects directed at women and/or founded by women. Village Exchange International-Ghana (the VEG Project) is one such venture. It aims “to improve the lives of women in poverty through a combination of income-generating activities, education, and financial services.” Specifically, the project promotes “the self-actualization of Ghana’s disadvantaged women through three pillars of intervention:

  • Poverty alleviation strategies, including microfinance and small-enterprise development
  • Reproductive and sexual health programs
  • Research on women’s health issues”

Giving Women also supports Barefoot College, an organization The Good Times has featured prominently for many months. Among other aims, the College strives to “reduce drudgery of rural women and girls by providing them access to education, vocational training, health care,
[and to] empower rural women socially, economically and politically.”

Go to Giving Women’s website to follow the philanthropic activities they champion.